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Welcome to Jolly Angels Kids School

Jolly Angels is a Pre-School system specially designed for high potential kids of small towns. Its unique methodology focusing on small towns is greatly appreciated because small town kids have learning needs that are totally different from kids from larger towns, cities and metros. It is developed by a professional team and management with more than 30 years of experience in education. Each and every methodology, each and every 'day plan' at Jolly Angels has been tried, tested and mastered at the mother school at Jhunjhunu. We focus on creating an understanding and respect towards rich Indian values and work towards developing Wisdom in kids. Each day at Jolly Angels is fun for kids and when they go home they bring smiles on the faces of their family.


Jolly Angels Director, Mrs. Ranu Modi Receives International Honour at Kathmandu, Nepal.

JIVEM Education

As Steve Jobs said, It is easier to connect dots, going backwards. JIVEM Education is a result of series of transformations & multiple instances of metamorphosis. It started as a humble tuition center for board appearing students with just 3 students under a sheesham tree with minimal facilities & absolutely no assets, way back in 1983. The tution center was called GyanKuteer (Cottage of Knowledge). Unknowingly, GyanKuteer found itself exactly following the Darwinian principle of life and kept adapting to changes. In 1993, GyanKuteer took shape of an ultra modern English Medium School-Jhunjhunu Academy and then, never looked back. Acquiring the best of technology and people, it transformed itself into a world ready group of K-12 Schools-Jhunjhunu International Ventures for Education Marvel (JIVEM). Later, it was constituted as a group popularly known as JIVEM Education.

Creating World Citizens Since 1983

Trust of students & parents from 18 states & 3 countries

JOLLY ANGELS :: The Most Trusted Play School Brand of SHEKHAWATI

We focus on 7 areas of learning and development .

  • Communication , Language and litracy skills development :

    Story Telling , English Rhymes , Hindi Poem , English Conversation , Assembly Presentations, Teachers Talks, Role play , Puppet Shows etc.

  • Numeracy skills development :

    Block Play , Lines & Number Games , Worksheets , Grouping , More/Less , Recognizing etc.

  • Promoting congnitive development :

    Theme based activities , Sensory activities , Celebration of Festivals & Special Days , Technology Corner , Matching games , Sorting patterns , Fixing the blocks , Discovery of the world , Library Time etc.

  • Personal , Social , Emotional and Moral development :

    Community living , Sharing , Good Manners , General Greeting words , Smile , Identification of personal Needs , Gender Awareness etc.

  • Creatvie and Aesthetic development :

    Painting , Collage , Drawing , Clay Art , Spray Painting , Tissue Art etc.

  • Motor skills development :

    Running , Jumping , Writing , Poking straw in holes , Weaving around card board , Sand play , Water play etc .

  • Physical development :

    Outdoor Games , Indoor Games Slides & Swings , Yogs & PT , Play Catch , Balancing , Play Kick , Obstacle Course etc.

In Jolly Angels Your Kids

  • Learn With
    Best Teachers

  • Playing With

  • Love Math &

  • Having Happy
    Social Group

  • Do his/her
    homework in Time

  • Getting Time
    For Recreation