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Excellent Opportunity for Schools

If you are already running a school, Jolly Angels Kids school system is an excellent opportunity for your school to enjoy benefits from the JIVEM Brand association.

  • Benifits :

    1. Very Low investment, use existing facility.

    2. Boost in student strength because you can catch your students young and hence stay ahead of competition.

    3. Benefit from "JIVEM Education" Brand association.

    4. High quality learning content for kids.

    5. Regular training for teachers.

    6. Free mention in group publicity.

    7. Special invitation for School Leaders Summit, leadership events, seminars and workshops.

  • Requirements :

    At least 3 classrooms on ground floor, separate toilets, an outdoor play area with lawn (at least 1000 sq. ft.), an investment capacity of 4-6 lakhs towards franchisee fees, ambiance and equipment, willingness to learn & grow.

For Ambitious Husband - Wife Pair

If you are a young husband-wife pair looking for a great business opportunity with added social and personal benefits, Jolly Angels is the right choice for you. It is easy to set-up, high brand recognition, low investment and amazing returns.

  • Benifits :

    • 1. Education is a recession proof business. No matter what economy says, kids will always need education.
    • 2. Easy working hours - 8:30 to 1:30, so that you can spend happy time with your family.
    • 3. Only business where you get holidays with your kid's holidays.
    • 4. A business that gives you social dignity and a sense of self respect for making a difference to a kid's life and hence country's future.
    • 5. Low investment, high returns (up to 300% Return on Investment).
    • 6. Enough scope for creativity - Only business that lets you enjoy your hobbies like dancing, singing, painting, gardening, drama, debate, poetry, photography, sports etc. as a part of your work.
    • 7. Benefit from "JIVEM Education" Brand association.
    • 8. High quality learning content for kids.
    • 9. Regular training for teachers.
    • 10. Free mention in Group publicity.
    • 11. Special invitation for School Leaders Summit, leadership events, seminars and workshops.
  • Requirements :

    • 1. A graduate couple with skills like handling accounts & public dealing.
    • 2. A 1500-3000 sq. ft. area on the ground floor (owned or rented).
    • 3. Investment capacity of 4-6 lakhs towards franchise fees, ambiance and equipment.
    • 4. Willingness to learn and grow.

Franchise Procedure

We are Expanding pan India. We plan to open 150 kids schools at district headquarters and other prominent towns by 2015. Come join us in the journey...

  • Steps to follow -

    1. Please Submit Form for franchisee opportunity and we will get back to you within 2 weeks.

    2. Provide us the location plan, maps and layout of infrastructure.

    3. If your location is approved, your franchise will be granted upon fulfillment of documentary formalities.

    4. Our technical team will visit your location and will prepare it for launch.

    5. Your set of equipment will be shipped to your location.

    6. We will provide you with marketing material, will assist you in desining the marketing strategy and will suggest you the execution plan.

    7. We will assist you throughout the successful launch and further management.

    Your success is Our success. Your profits, Our Strength !!